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Frequently Asked Questions


The fee is $10 per guest. There is 1 visit per guest allowed. A registration box is located on the west side of the east clubhouse, where all guests must sign in and deposit the $10 fee and the signed waiver portion of the guest pass.

Membership in the MWA consists of the member, spouse, and children who are 18 years and younger and living with the member. If there are older children or those not living with the member (residing at the member’s home), they have to have their own membership.

There is a link to renew your membership via credit or debit card on this website. You can also renew by printing the membership application form, filling that out, and mailing it to us with your check via US postal mail. Or you can show up on the listed days to renew your membership.

There is a caliber limitation of .50 BMG and under at the range. We do not want you to shoot 50 BMGs at the steel target closer than the 300-yard gong. Also, there is to be no incendiary, tracer, exploding, or armor-piercing rounds at all, no matter what the caliber. There are to be no exploding targets or exploding devices whatsoever that include Tannerite unless it is at an organized event or cleared with the board of directors first.

You can call the following board members to get the green gate combination to access or exit the range only if the electronic gate is not working:

Dick DeBernardis, Vice President – (406) 539-9400

Nick D. Pipinich, Secretary – (406) 580-0571

No. We do have a public sight-in that is by appointment only. There is a nominal fee per gun sight-in, and we will assist you with that. Please note that you have to have a full membership to utilize the range unless you have a sponsored member that can invite you in as a guest, and you can use the guest policy.

No, not on an everyday basis. We do not sell targets on-site at the range. Those should be picked up before coming to the range. The only caveat to this is that during our public sight-in sessions, electronic gate card pickup times, and certain shooting events, targets are either provided or made available for purchase.

In most cases, no. The only caveat to that is that we do sell ammo for shotgun shooting, and that is done on the same time frame that the trap and skeet are out there on Wednesday evenings and Sundays. Also, there are some other competitions and activities at which ammo is sold.

No, we do not have indoor shooting facilities. We do have overhangs and covers under which to shoot.

The MWA does have a limited supply of components. Anyone interested can contact Gary Delin for the list of components we have and the times you can acquire them.  

The MWA orientation/safety video that is required viewing for all new members is available to watch on membership signup days.  Check calendar for dates.

You can pick up your electronic gate card on the specified dates and times listed on the calendar. Keep checking back as these will change.

No, it does not have hours. Within reason, it is from dawn until dusk. Though there are activities that shoot later, such as skeet and trap and some on the pistol and rifle range, they do not generally have hours.